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Embark on a transformative journey with TernEdge's Salesforce Training program – your gateway to becoming a Salesforce expert. Join the ranks of our top-notch training program, designed to equip university students and fresh graduates with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

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Our Salesforce Training Program

At TernEdge, we believe in nurturing the next generation of Salesforce professionals. As a leading Salesforce service provider with a global presence and esteemed partnerships, including being a Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner, Salesforce Consulting Partner, and Salesforce Workforce Partner, we are excited to announce our groundbreaking Salesforce Training Program for university students and fresh graduates.

Our Salesforce Mentors

Kingmakers of our Salesforce Training program.

Top salesforce trainer-usman aslam

Usman Aslam

Technical Architect



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Top salesforce training program in Pakistan by usman ali

Usman Ali

System Architect



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2023 TernStars

Trainees who achieved Free Salesforce Certification in 2023 batch.

salesforce training program

Mehmood Ahmad

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Training Pakistan

Bilal Raza

Salesforce Developer

salesforce trainer mohsin tauqeer

Mohsin Tauqeer

Salesforce Developer

best salesforce training program graphic

Umair Nisar

Salesforce Developer

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For sure, you might be facing hindrances while connecting for the first time. TernEdge is all set to give you compelling reasons to pick us as your business partners!

Our program is designed for university students and fresh graduates who are passionate about building a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. We welcome individuals with a strong interest in technology and a willingness to learn.

Yes, participants will have continued access to learning resources, webinars, and updates even after completing the program. We believe in providing ongoing support for professional development.

TernEdge may share exclusive job openings directly with program graduates, providing them with priority access to career opportunities within the TernEdge network. Or connections to our extensive network of hiring partners within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Each participant will be paired with an experienced Salesforce professional who will serve as their mentor throughout the program. Mentors will provide guidance, answer questions, and share industry insights to support the participants' learning journey.

The training will be delivered through a combination of live instructor-led sessions, hands-on exercises, and collaborative projects. Participants will also have access to online resources and materials for self-paced learning.

The duration of the program is 1 year, consisting of a well-structured curriculum, hands-on projects, and preparation for Salesforce certifications.

While prior knowledge of Salesforce is not required, fundamentals of OOP and programming  along with the basic understanding of cloud computing concepts will be beneficial. We encourage applicants from diverse academic backgrounds to apply.