With Salesforce Integration Cloud analyze information across multiple apps

Salesforce Integration Cloud is the only platform-agnostic integration software that allows businesses to connect Salesforce data into hundreds of applications seamlessly. With over 5 billion records already connected, this cloud-based solution makes it easy for users to adopt and use Salesforce quickly.

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    Salesforce Integration Cloud

    Salesforce Integration Cloud (SIC) by TernEdge combines the power of integration solutions with the cloud platform to help you automate data movement between systems and processes across applications and workflows—all at scale. With SIC, you get a single solution for both on-premises and cloud environments. It provides a fully managed service that integrates any API or web services, including those from third parties, into salesforce.com using secure tunneling protocols. You also get an easy-to-use developer console, APIs for custom development, and support tools.

    In addition to providing an integrated platform for automating business processes, Salesforce Integration Cloud helps organizations move their data seamlessly while reducing costs, leveraging existing investments, and accelerating time to value. Salesforce Integration Cloud (SIC) is an on-demand integration platform built for businesses like yours that need to connect their cloud applications with data sources such as databases, APIs, and web services. With SIC, you get one place to manage your integrations—and where everything lives!

    TernEdge has designed this cloud service to allow companies to connect their sales data with other systems such as CRM, ERP, marketing automation, accounting software, etc. It provides real-time access to customer information across multiple channels. A cloud-based application enables businesses to create custom integrations between their apps. These integrations allow customers to view and update their contact details and purchase history or even receive notifications through email, SMS, or push messages. This creates a seamless experience by providing up-to-date information across platforms. When building an integration, users can choose from prebuilt connectors or build their own using APIs provided by Salesforce.

    It also helps companies automate processes while creating workflows to manage contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks, cases, events, journeys, emails, documents, attachments, surveys, social media posts, lead scoring rules, analytics, and more.

    Salesforce Integration Cloud comes with an extensive set of connectors to enable you to connect to any database or web service. You can also use Salesforce Integration Cloud to synchronize data between databases in and across multiple companies. With SIC, there are no limits on what kind of applications you can create.

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