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Salesforce Pardot is a cloud-based marketing platform that helps companies engage customers across multiple channels, including email, mobile apps, social media, and the web.  Salesforce Pardot empowers sales professionals to deliver exceptional customer experiences through intelligent data management. 

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    Salesforce Pardot

    TernEdge offers Salesforce Pardot, an all-in-one marketing automation tool for small and medium-sized companies. It helps companies automate repetitive tasks, track leads and customers, and measure success. With it, they can build personalized customer journeys based on real data about each prospect, convert leads into sales faster, and send targeted messages across every channel.

    With Salesforce Pardot by TernEdge, a company can automate the entire customer journey—from lead generation to lead nurturing to lead qualification to opportunity management to pipeline management to deal closure. And because it works within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they can easily connect every aspect of your marketing strategy.
    Salesforce Pardot from TernEdge helps businesses build customized landing pages and web forms that help them reach out to potential customers. They can then track those interactions via email, social media, and other channels. In short, Pardot allows companies to create and manage multi-channel campaigns easily.

    The platform also offers a variety of features to help marketers understand where people are coming from, including the ability to create segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and much more. This data is used to identify the best way to communicate with each group.

    Salesforce Pardot offers many features and benefits, including:

    • Automated Lead Generation: A company can use Pardot to collect information about potential customers via landing pages, social media, email campaigns, events, and more. Then they can nurture those leads through personalized emails, automated drip campaigns, and more.
    • Real-Time Leads: a company can follow up with leads immediately after interacting with your brand, even if they’re outside your target audience.
    • Intelligent Scheduling: Anyone can schedule outbound and inbound messages according to specific times and days, and you can set up rules to send out messages automatically.
    • Data Visualization: You can track how well each campaign performs and compare different channels and audiences to identify areas for improvement.
    • Advanced Reporting: A company can access detailed reports showing what happened throughout your campaigns and how effective each channel was.
    • Customizable Forms: Anyone can create tailored forms for your business’s needs. For example, you might want to add additional fields or questions based on your industry, products, services, etc.
    • Mobile App: The app allows you to view all your data from anywhere, so you can make changes to your campaigns while on the go.

    In short, Salesforce Pardot by TernEdge enables businesses to create highly personalized customer experiences with engaging content across any channel.

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