Selling Online Has Just Gotten Easier with Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

Salesforce Quote To Cash Service – An easy way to sell anything online. When you get Salesforce Quote to Cash, we don’t just send you cash…we give you a quote.

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    Salesforce Quote-to-Cash

    Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Service by TernEdge helps companies automate quote-to-cash processes for any sales channel — online or offline – to generate revenue faster while improving customer service. With over 100 integrations, this cloud-based solution empowers teams with new tools to close deals on time.

    Quote-to-Cash enables users to access and complete multiple quote-to-cash tasks in one place, including submitting quotes, entering orders, invoicing customers, viewing order history, and generating payment requests from their accounts. With its easy-to-use interface, our platform makes it quick and simple to start and maintain the quoting process. As soon as an order has been submitted, we send notification emails and SMS messages and even call your customer directly.

    With TernEdge’s Salesforce Quote-to Cash’s unique integration capabilities, you can connect seamlessly to other systems used by your business, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EMAIL (Electronic Mail). The ability to integrate these applications allows you to capture information across your organization without having to enter data into multiple platforms manually.

    TernEdge provides real-time visibility of all activities related to a specific opportunity or client, including lead details, status updates, and more. A company can also view the entire life cycle of each project, enabling them to manage projects and tasks easily, track progress, and see at a glance when work was completed.

    What features does Salesforce Quote-To-Cash have?

    • Manage Quotes & Orders
    • Invoice Customers
    • Create Payment Requests / Get Payments
    • View Order History
    • Generate Reports
    • Integrate with Other Systems
    • Access Clients/Opportunities/Tasks

    TernEdge understands how critical it is for your business to execute quote-to-cash services successfully. That’s why we’ve created solutions like our software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering designed to help small businesses run efficiently and profitably. Our team focuses on providing world-class support, training, and best practices to ensure your success.

    TernEdge believes that the future of business lies in using technology to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. With Salesforce Quote-To-Cash, we’re helping our clients do just that.

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