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With Salesforce Communities Connect with customers, partners, and other employees. Find answers to common questions and easily initiate conversations around topics that matter.

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    Salesforce Communities

    Salesforce Communities are often regarded as cloud-based software solutions designed to help organizations easily build branded communities where they could share information and users could connect and collaborate. This type of social network is often called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool because it helps businesses manage relationships with existing and potential customers. CRMs track interactions with current customers, prospects and provide insights into how best to engage with them. TernEdge is well-known for offering Salesforce communities services to companies that look forward to regular interactions.

    In addition to tracking interactions, CRMs can also serve as online forums where customers can ask questions of salespeople and staff members and participate in discussions with other clients. They can even act as internal knowledge bases where employees can post articles about topics related to their jobs. Salesforce communities at TernEdge are intended to complement the standard Salesforce features that companies already use internally. For example, it can replace traditional help desks or knowledge bases, allowing companies to offer better customer service while saving money. It can also be used to create an online community for employees that provides a place to interact with each other and share ideas.

    Salesforce Communities at TernEdge allow users to create groups based on job functions, such as marketing, finance, engineering, etc. and then invite people from different departments to join. It’s similar to Facebook Groups, but instead of being limited to friends and family, you can invite anyone with access to your organization’s Salesforce instance. Salesforce Communities provides services for both internal and external customers. For example, they provide an interface between customers and employees on their corporate intranet or enable you to collaborate with clients across different business units.

    Check out the benefits of Salesforce Communities

    • The platform offers several benefits over more traditional forms of communication:
    • First, it enables users to communicate directly with one another without having to rely on email or phone calls.
    • Second, it lets users upload documents and images so everyone involved can see what’s going on at any time.
    • Third, it makes it easy for users to search through all posts made by others to find relevant information.
    • Finally, Salesforce Communities allow users to comment on posts and add new content.

    Salesforce communities from TernEdge can help you connect with customers and easily drive business transformation. A Salesforce communities give you access to features like chat, polls, forums, blogs, wikis, documents, surveys, and apps. You can easily add custom fields to the community data model, customize layouts, and apply themes to make it look like your organization. And because everything is stored in one place, you won’t lose track of what’s happening in your community.

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