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    Salesforce Managed Services

    Managing your environment can be a big headache, and it’s not something that every company should have to deal with. Salesforce Managed Services at TernEdge offer you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed while maintaining complete control. Companies that use this service save money over time because they can avoid spending thousands of dollars on hardware, software, and ongoing operations since they retain ownership and responsibility for data, applications, and infrastructure, whereas we manage everything else. Salesforce Managed Service provides all of the benefits of Salesforce’s cloud computing platform without requiring any upfront investment in hardware or software. It includes:

    • A single point for maintenance and support
    • Access to Salesforce’s global network of IT experts
    • The ability to easily add capacity when you need it most

    Our Salesforce Managed Service experts offer organizations a managed cloud computing platform for their applications, infrastructure services, or both. They can be used with any on-premise application. They are designed specifically for companies who want to move away from managing an environment themselves to focusing on running their business.

    TernEdge, the heart of its solution- through a private cloud, provides companies with security and reliability for their critical systems while offering them the ability to customize the service as they see fit. Companies don’t have to worry about performance management, patching, or upgrading — all of which can be expensive endeavors. Instead, they get access to robust tools that allow them to manage everything needed to keep their data secure and up-to-date.

    In addition to providing a complete IT infrastructure, our Managed salesforce service experts also provide support staff, maintenance contracts, and other benefits that make it easy for customers to focus on growing their businesses instead of worrying about keeping their way in order.

    The primary benefit of choosing a managed service is that it takes care of the heavy lifting involved in maintaining your environment. Suppose, if the company is looking for more than just basic hosting capabilities, TernEdge will give you access to additional features such as custom development, monitoring, backups, disaster recovery, and other services that make managing your server much easier. They will also find that most of the time, there aren’t any hassles with upgrades or maintenance. Our Salesforce-managed experts handle all these efforts, so you won’t need to spend hours troubleshooting issues that could’ve been avoided had you chosen to go completely managed.

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