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Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your website. Nothing else will matter if they don’t convert visitors into leads.

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    Landing Page Design

    At TernEdge, our team of experts understands how to use landing pages to increase conversions and boost revenue. We work closely with clients to analyze data and identify areas where improvements are needed. Then, we craft a strategy that ensures success.

    A landing page is one of the most important tools for marketing online. It helps you reach out to potential customers and convert them into buyers. It’s a conversion funnel because it leads people to another step in your sales process. We know that every landing page needs to be unique. That’s why we focus on creating custom designs that meet client requirements. Our designers take into account everything from color schemes to layout styles. They even consider site speed and mobile friendliness. 

    Landing Pages are one of the best ways to convert traffic into leads. They help businesses build trust with customers. It captures attention, communicates a call to action, and persuades site visitors to take desired actions like downloading a free white paper, subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, filling out a form, requesting a quote, signing up for a demo, registering for an event, or submitting a job application. The goal of every landing page is to increase conversions. There are many landing pages, such as sales letters, lead magnets, ebooks, forms, surveys, product demos, etc. Each type of landing page has different goals and objectives.

    At TernEdge, we believe every visitor to your site deserves a great experience. Our goal is to provide you with a professional landing page design representative of and consistent with your organization’s brand, along with strong, clear, and concise copy that entices visitors into converting. We want to ensure that your landing page is optimized for conversions and clearly communicates the benefits of your products and services to potential customers.

    Landing Pages are one of the most powerful tools in Internet Marketing since they allow us to convert visitors into customers. In fact, according to Hubspot, 60% of consumers trust online reviews about products and services, while only 14% trust ads. We must pay attention to our landing pages because it’s where we want people to land. A well-designed landing page will help us achieve conversion rates up to three times higher than those without it. And here’s how to do it.

    The first step is to define what type of landing page you’re looking to build. There are 4 basic type of landing pages:

    1. Product Landing Pages
    2. Service Landing Pages
    3. Lead Generation Landing Pages
    4. Sales Conversion Landing Pages

    Our landing page designers are very creative and innovative, and we make sure that every landing page we build is 100% unique. All our landing page designs include multiple forms of conversion tracking, including popups, exit intent technology, and A/B testing. This ensures that you receive maximum value out of each visitor. As part of our landing page design process, we provide you with a detailed report containing the following:

    1. Detailed analysis of the performance of your current landing pages
    2. Analysis of your competitors’ landing pages
    3. An overview of how we designed your landing pages
    4. Detailed recommendations on how to improve your landing pages

    Whether you’re looking for assistance with creating your first landing page design or having problems with your existing landing page, we’re here to help.

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