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    eCommerce Website Development

    An eCommerce website presents a “virtual storefront,” allowing one to purchase products or services online. This site allows you to sell directly to customers without going through an intermediary like Amazon or eBay. An e-commerce website is much like a traditional physical retail shop where customers can buy and sell products online. However, unlike physical stores, e-commerce sites are entirely digital. They don’t require you to go into a warehouse; everything happens online. You can purchase items directly from a retailer’s site without having to step inside a storefront. TernEdge carries years of experience in making business-oriented ecommerce websites.

    Since e-commerce transactions occur over the Internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar location, unlike physical retailers, e-commerce companies do not maintain inventory or employ salespeople to help customers find what they want. Instead, they rely on sophisticated algorithms to match buyers and sellers based on price, product availability, shipping costs, etc. This is the reason why it is very significant to have a well-built ecommerce website because your whole business will rely on this.

    The scope of e-commerce can seem overwhelming, but it breaks down into three broad categories: business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (b2c), and consumer-to-consumer (c2c). TernEdge can do it all. Check out some examples of what each type entails.

    Business-to-consumer (a b2c site)
    You go to a retailer’s website and purchase something. This could be anything from a pair of shoes to a car.

    Consumer-to-consumer (an c2c site)
    These kinds of sites allow people to sell products directly to one another. For example, eBay is an example of an online auction site where people can list items for sale. Another popular example of an online shopping site is

    Business-to administration (a b2a site)
    An example of a b2a site is the website of a company whose job is to design a city’s web portal. They provide the technology that allows government agencies to interact with their constituents via the Internet.

    When it comes to building an effective ecommerce website, TernEdge considers many factors. We know that you want to attract more visitors and increase conversions. To do that for you, we focus on a few key areas. One of those is making sure that your ecommerce site is mobile-friendly. In fact, according to Statista, over 50% of shoppers use smartphones while shopping. This means that your website needs to look great on mobile devices. If we don’t consider mobile-friendliness, your customers won’t find what they’re looking for. You could lose out on potential revenue because of this.

    Another important factor has a well-designed layout. Your website must be easy to navigate and understand, especially since most people shop on mobile devices. When designing your ecommerce website, we ensure that it is visually appealing and intuitive.

    We offer custom ecommerce website design & development services that help companies like yours compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Our team has experience creating ecommerce sites for businesses across various industries, including fashion, beauty, home goods, jewelry, electronics, health and fitness, food, and many others. This expertise allows us to build robust, responsive ecommerce platforms that deliver exceptional performance while ensuring your site looks great on different devices and browsers.

    We believe having a strong ecommerce presence is essential to your overall strategy. Plus, it helps you attract more visitors to your store, boost conversions, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more leads. With our custom ecommerce website design services, you’ll see immediate improvements in conversion rates, revenue growth, and ROI.

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